Tip Top Tummy

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Product Code : TIPNJ0GV37
A loose-leaf herbal infusion hand-blended with the finest ethically sourced herbs. The herbs in this Tip Top Tummy Te… + More

Customer Reviews
Top Stuff
Bought this a couple of weeks ago at Burnley Artisan Market. I have Crohn's disease and it has done wonders, just placed an order for more and I'm sure I'll keep coming back!
Amazing tea
I got this tea from hebden markets about a month ago, the first time I drank a cup I literally felt a clearing in my body. I didn’t have any particular tummy issues but it felt cooling and I’ve had a cup once a day since and my eyes seem brighter, along with a calm tummy. I tell my boyfriend regularly how much I love this tea! Thank you :)
Bought some lovely tea for tummy troubles and some cordial both taste great and met the two lovely people who's stall it was at brighouse street market today very good ????...thank you ,Mel
Magic Potion
I don’t know if these teas are brewed by some sort of sorcery but I have genuinely been throwing up for 2 days, unable to even keep down water, and on the verge of wasting NHS time by calling 111 - then I drank your tip top tummy tea. I haven’t thrown up since (touch wood) and I barely feel queasy any more. Basically - this is a miracle cure and I will use it for all future tummy bugs (though good god I better not get another one soon). Thank you!
No plastic
Really made up with my Tip Top Tummy herbal tea I got from Walton Garden this afternoon. It tastes great, comes in a metal tin and brown paper bag so no nasty plastic in sight. I'll be definitely looking out for you again. Thank you :)

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